PLAY: Two by Ionesco
Equity/Non Equity: Non-Equity
AUDITION DATE: September 29 & October 1

Seeking submissions for actors for Eugene Ionesco’s JACK (or THE SUBMSISSION) and THE LESSON, directed by Dragan Torbica. Accepting Non-AEA submissions.
Send headshot and resume with “Ionesco audition” in the subject line to Please indicate your preferred date and time range.

Two by Ionesco
Jack Or The Submission was written in 1949. It portrays family life, perhaps from the perspective of a young man. Everything around Jack is raised to paroxysm. He is surrounded by dysfunction, ridiculed and belittled by his family. Jack rebels against his (as he sees it) self-serving parents and thick-witted world. Ionesco describes his play as a parody of family drama. This parody involves Jack’s arranged marriage to Roberta I. Roberta I, however, is not satisfactory so her parents invent Roberta II in hope she will satisfy. When Jack and Roberta are finally discarded, left on their own, they vulnerably give in, they begin to trust, dysfunction disappears and they connect.
…I am not opposed to make-believe. On the contrary, I have always considered imaginative truth to be more profound, more loaded with significance, than everyday reality…….Eugene Ionesco, Experience of the Theater 1958

The Lesson was first performed in 1951. Since 1957 it has been in permanent production in Paris’ Theatre de la Huchette. In The Lesson, Ionesco wrote a comic drama in which comedy mixes with moments of oppressive domination and violence. The play takes place in the professor’s office/living/dining room. The Pupil arrives for her lesson. As the cliché-ridden lesson progresses, the professor grows more irritated and disappointed with (what he perceives) as the pupils ignorance. This dynamic between the professor and pupil becomes a battle between knowledge and ability. However, the battle turns out to be an unfair thrashing by subjective knowledge coerced by a totalitarian dictator.

“….A play is a construction, made up of a series of situations or states of consciousnesses which intensify, become increasingly dense, then knot themselves up, either to unravel or to end in unbearable complexity..” …. Eugene Ionesco’s notes on theatre

Seeking 5 Men and 5 Women for JACK (or The Submission) and THE LESSON. Looking for all ethnicities, ages, body shapes and sizes.

Prepare: Two contrasting monologues, totaling 3 minutes. Send headshot and resume with “Ionesco audition” in the subject line to
Rehearsals: Oct. 8-Nov 4 weeknights (some weekends are possible).
Previews: November 5 & 6
Opens: November 7
Closes: December 15
Runs: Thursdays – Saturdays at 8pm Sundays at 5pm. (No show Thanksgiving Thursday Nov 22.)

Audition Dates:
Saturday, September 29 12pm-4pm
Monday, October 1 6pm-9pm

Jacqueline, his sister
Father Jack
Mother Jack
Grandfather Jack
Grandmother Jack
Roberta I, these two roles must be
Roberta II, played by the same actress
Father Robert
Mother Robert

The Professor
The young Pupil
The Maid