Rare Terra Theatre was formed in 1989 by Ian Streicher and Guy Van Swearingen. Dragan Torbica and Rick Sandoval joined shortly after; together they produced, Athol Fugard’s “MASTER HAROLD … and the boys”, the world premiere of Kathy Kirk’s “Q-TIPS” (1989) and Bertolt Brecht’s “HOW MUCH IS YOUR IRON?” (1990), before they all went on to pursue various opportunities. Streicher, Sandoval and Torbica have periodically participated in Mary Arrchie’s Woodstock Festival under the Rare Terra banner. Ian Streicher moved to New York City, where he directed a number of new plays Off Off Broadway as well as last season’s Off Broadway workshop of THE SENSATIONAL JOSEPHINE BAKER.  This summer, a revamped production of Ian’s staging of THE SENSATIONAL JOSEPHINE BAKER ran Off Broadway at The Beckett Theater on Theater Row.

Guy Van Swearingen went on to form A Red Orchid Theatre, where he served as artistic director for a number of years, while he continues to act and direct frequently. Guy also starred in Michael Keaton’s film THE MERRY GENTLEMEN. Dragan Torbica has directed numerous productions in many Chicago area theaters and taught acting for a number of years at Columbia College-Chicago. Rick Sandoval has performed at Goodman, Steppenwolf, and A Red Orchid, among many other theatres.