Past Productions Include

Wrong Mountain

A work from David Hirson, the award-winning playwright of La Bête, poses the question, “What if you’ve spent your life climbing the wrong mountain?”  This wickedly subversive play focuses on the American definition of success.  To win a bet with his ex-wife’s fiancée, tortured poet Henry Dennett enters a playwriting contest. Dennett becomes everything he despises when his play becomes a wild success. A brilliant, darkly comic exploration of the “creative process” and modern culture. Time Out New York describes the play as “unmistakably the work of an extremely bright, literate writer bursting with ideas.  Wildly smart…the play grabs you and smacks you about, while providing you with no shortage of laughs. Fantastically sharp, witty and heated dialogue.”


 A Beautiful Spell

In A Beautiful Spell, Jim and Franny wake up in the middle of the night panicked to discover that they no longer love each other. Is it real or just a night terror? Frightened and confused, the couple struggles desperately to get back what they’ve lost – before the sun comes up. A Beautiful Spell exposes the deep and sometimes painful truths that lie beneath the surface of wedded bliss in this hilarious and touching new play.


2 by Ionesco
The Lesson & Jack or The Submission

Chicago Theatre Beat says:

“The success of the piece lies in the ability of the director and actors to take unconventional dialogue and make it come alive, creating huge, colorful characters and delivering the dense, illustrative language with incredible vocal skill. The cast is outstanding, the direction inspired, and the use of music highly effective.”

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